A Sorrentina and Neapolitan Tradition * Authentically Made in Italy * Over 300 years of Quality Craftmanship

We are the makers of "Biscotto di Sorrento", used as the base of the best woodfired ovens around the world. However, to save costs, most wood fire pizza oven builders don't use our bricks for the construction of the entire oven but opting only for the base instead.

What better product is there than one built entirely with the best raw materials? Using the absolute highest standard of raw materials and sold with an affordable price due to the materials being made by us. You are guaranteed a high-quality trustworthy product. An ancient skill of ours passed down through generations of artisans and on to you.

Forno Sorrentina

Sorrentina style Woodfire Pizza Ovens

Built with the same materials as the Neapolitan and in a similar way. A traditional Sorrentina oven from Sorrento is characterised by its squared entrance and a slightly higher dome.

Why do we prefer Sorrentina style woodfire ovens?

1. The slightly higher dome allows you to bake pizza, as well as any type of dishes, desserts and quite importantly bread.
2. Easily cook traditional Neapolitan Pizza (Pizza Napoletana) by having a slightly hire flame allowing for extra heat on top of the pizza.
3. The squared door - Easily cook the famous Metre long pizza (Pizza a Metro), which originated in the Sorrento Peninsula (Vico Equense).
4. The squared door - It also allows you to insert baking trays and dishes without obstruction.

Forno Mobile

Fixed and Mobile Woodfire Pizza Ovens

Either a Sorrentina or Neapolitan style oven can be built entirely using our highest quality Biscotto di Sorrento, brick and clay materials. Mobile ovens are constructed within our Maiano factory warehouse. They are based on a metallic support stand and are shipped fully assembled to your chosen destination.

Fixed ovens are built on your premises. We will send our materials and craftsmen to your destination in order to build your oven in its fixed position.

All ovens can be completed fully tiled in a decorative external covering chosen by yourself. You can choose your tiles and marble or granite lip. They come fitted with a steel door opening and steel chimney placed on the upper part of the dome, for the connection of your exhaust system.

You can choose between a wood fire or gas pizza oven or even both.

Biscotto di Sorrento

Biscotto di Sorrento and other Brick products

Beneath Sorrento’s famed citrus orchards lies a clay that is found in the rich soil filled with volcanic silicon and pumice. This clay makes our Biscotto di Sorrento very porous.

An oven base needs to be porous in order to both warm up early and maintain the heat for a long time. Biscotto di Sorrento releases this heat nice and evenly.

The essential difference between Biscotto di Sorrento and the other main type of brick materials on the market is that it does NOT burn the bottom of a pizza, absorbing moisture from the dough.

We also produce other products such as bricks and pavers which are the best and most resistant bricks to use for the construction of woodfire pizza ovens and outside features such as columns.

Forno DIY

DIY Badoglio Oven + Grill

- Small size
- Low weight
- High performances
- Do It Yourself (DIY): Quick to setup and dismantle
- A complete oven + grill built entirely with Biscotto di Sorrento bricks
- Stainless steel support stand, chimney and other parts
- Complete with external Forni Aversa brick tiling.



- A beautiful feature in any property where nature and artisan labour go hand in hand.
- We can build and your columns using our artisanally made bricks.

Forni Napoletane

Neapolitan style Woodfire Pizza Ovens

As opposed to a traditional Sorrentina oven, an authentic Neapolitan woodfire oven has a small rounded entrance and a lower internal dome. The lower dome ensures higher heat and lower cooking times.

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